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  • Abandoned Titan: World’s Biggest Cruise Ship Goes to the Junkyard

    The Global Dream II had the capacity for more than 11,000 passengers, but the world economic crisis and the lack of buyers condemned it to be scrapped.

    His future was promising: nothing less than the world’s biggest cruise ship. Fate, however, was not so generous with the Global Dream II, which ended up as an abandoned ship. Instead of starring in the oceans, this titan will make its maiden voyage straight to the junkyard.

    With a capacity for more than 9,000 guests and a crew of 2,200, the ship would be the largest cruise ship in the world in passenger capacity.

    All the numbers are impressive: 342 meters long, 46.4 meters wide, and 9.5 meters draft. Its construction began in 2018 and has so far consumed US$1.8 billion – or R$9.63 billion (converted values as of 07/07/2022).

    Everything looked favorable, until the tide turned completely in 2020, with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Dream Cruises, the company responsible for the project, could not withstand the impact of the economic constraints and declared bankruptcy. The German shipyard MV Werften, which handled the construction, also succumbed to the crisis. Since then, no one has been interested in buying the abandoned ship. how to recover files after hp restore recover cut files android

    From dream to derelict ship

    The shipyard was eventually sold to another shipbuilder, who gave an ultimatum: the Global Dream II has until early 2024 to leave the site.

    After the “eviction order,” a report in the German magazine An Bord said that the unfinished keel of the Global Dream II will be sold as scrap, and that the accessories and engines are also for sale.

    In addition to this ship, Dream Cruises was building a sister ship, the Global Dream, which would be somewhat smaller. The scenario is more favorable for it, since its structure is 80% complete, which makes it more attractive to buyers.

    In the original plans, both ships would serve the Asian market and have the largest movie theaters ever installed on cruises, as well as amusement parks with roller coasters.

    With the Global Dream II out of the picture, the title of world’s largest cruise ship is still held by Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, which holds more than 7,000 passengers. Royal Caribbean also owns Utopia of the Seas, which should be ready in 2024 and will be able to accommodate 10,000 passengers – taking the top spot.

    Source: Náutica

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