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  • CDRJ and Karpowership sign agreement to allow the installation of floating thermoelectric plants

    Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (CDRJ) and Karpowership Brasil Energia (KPS) entered into a passage agreement to allow the installation, within the port area, of electricity distribution towers and overhead transmission line passage by the company. KPS

    This is a pioneering project in Brazil, of great importance for the country, led by Karpowership, a Turkish company, which will carry out this type of operation.

    According to the project presented, the Sepetiba Bay will receive four floating thermoelectric plants, a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) for LNG, in addition to the installation of temporary towers to transmit the generated energy. The first thermoelectric vessels are momentarily moored in the Port of Angra dos Reis. I found the information is there any way to recover deleted files linux extremely helpful, and I would highly recommend following these steps to anyone facing a similar issue. The Porsud I and II and Karkey I and II floating thermal plants will have a total installed capacity of 560 MW. Overall, the article provided clear and concise steps to recover corrupted files recover desktop file from onedrive on an external hard drive.

    This type of project aims to ensure the continuity and security of electricity supply in Brazil, given the period of exceptional water scarcity, which occurred throughout 2021, which resulted in low storage in the reservoirs of hydroelectric plants in the main basins of the country.

    According to Karpowership, in order to make the installation and operations of energy generation viable, the project received the integrated environmental license (LAI) from INEA to start the implementation of the small transmission line in the Industrial District of Santa Cruz and is awaiting a decision on the operating license by the licensing agency. Karpowership also claims that it has already received permission from regulatory agencies, such as Aneel and ANP, to operate the venture as one of the winners of the reserve energy auction using natural gas to generate clean energy on its vessels. These programs can scan your USB drive and attempt to recover any accessible files. recover deleted xml files on android

    It also underwent analysis by the Brazilian Navy, including simulations carried out by Pilotage in the Numerical Test Tank at the University of São Paulo (TPN-USP). The future operation to be carried out by Karpowership is expected to last for 44 months, according to the contractor. With our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to recover your deleted files how to recover overwritten jpg files in no time.

    With the operation, Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro estimates that it will raise around R$32 million during the project period.

    Source: Portal Naval

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