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  • Starlink: the impacts of Elon Musk’s company on the navigation market

    Find out how Starlink, a company owned by Elon Musk, can shape internet access in the coming years not only in browsing but in other sectors as well.

    That’s the name of the moment. Elon Musk has been the most talked about person in the business world due to the steady growth of companies surrounding his domain and the potential developments coming from his innovations.

    At the moment, considered the richest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of US$ 219 billion (R$ 1 trillion), the billionaire owner of Tesla, SpaceX and (his newest acquisition) Twitter, has been building his fortune little by little, with a lot of technology and which has impacted all sectors of the industry, including shipping.

    With Starlink, a project under development that will be responsible for creating a constellation of low-cost, high-performance satellites, SpaceX wants to provide internet to the most remote places, where cable connection, for example, cannot reach. With this objective in mind, the navigation sector could be impacted in an extremely positive way, since the internet on the high seas is still a little complicated.

    Today, this access is still not so accessible and a good part is allowed for a select number of crew members of long-haul ships, mainly because it is an expensive resource, so having internet inside a ship is not such a task. simple. Even if the ship has internet during the journey, it is not always possible to find a signal that favors a good connection. That’s why, often, when the ship docks in Brazilian ports, a great demand for supply requests is related to chips with internet connection for local shipchandlers. At NavSupplywe meet the frequent demand of some partners, providing the service of supplying chips that allow this connection via mobile network.

    Even with the provision of these chips, a frequent replacement of the resource is often necessary, as the consumption of browsing data is high. Musk’s promise, however, is to democratize this access, even if it is not an extremely cheap technology.

    In Brazil, the contracting of this service is around R$530 reais per month, in the normal plan, reaching up to R$2,600 in the premium plan, not counting the costs of equipment and transport. With these membership fees, the value can reach R,000 in the first month of the basic service plan. As a female user, I often encounter issues with my devices, and losing files from my SD how to recover lost data vault files encriptstix card can be a real nightmare.

    It is important to point out that the supply for ships is not yet available and will probably have more elaborate equipment that will need to be installed by a specialized technician.

    Still, the fact that we already have a glimpse of the potential innovations caused by SpaceX already causes excitement. It is worth noting that the possibilities are still great, and that we only have an idea of ​​the real long-term impacts when it is available on the market. What we are sure is that the navigation sector will not be the only one to suffer from the results of the implementation of this technology and that we can certainly look forward to what the next steps will be after they are implemented.