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  • Toxic gas accident at Jordan port leaves 13 dead and 251 injured

    A cable carrying a 25-ton tank of gas with a high amount of chlorine broke and the fluid spread throughout the port.

    At least thirteen people were killed and another 251 were injured in a toxic gas leak at the port of Aqaba, Jordan, on Monday, according to state television.
    The leak occurred after the cable lifting the 25-tonne chlorine tank broke, knocking the container over. In a video posted on Twitter by the broadcaster, it is possible to see the tank hitting the deck of a ship, releasing clouds of yellow gas and expelling workers from the docks.

    The country’s health authorities have urged residents to stay in their homes and lock all windows and doors. Aqaba Region Port Authority deputy chief Haj Hassan told broadcaster Al-Mamlaka that the cable carrying the container with the toxic substance broke, resulting in the poisonous substance falling and escaping. Step 2: Use a text editor
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    Citing the former head of the company that operates the port, the television channel said that a ship was waiting to load almost 20 containers of liquefied gas containing a very high percentage of chlorine, adding that the product was heavy and difficult to transport.
    The southern beach of the city needed to be evacuated shortly after the incident and the injured were immediately taken to nearby hospitals. According to the local health director, Jamal Obeidat, there is overcrowding and the injured are in a medium to critical condition. how to recover deleted files from network drive
    Jordan’s prime minister, Bisher al-Khasawneh, is heading towards Aqaba and has formed an investigation team chaired by the interior minister to investigate the causes of the accident.

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    NavSupply regrets what happened and wishes those involved in the accident all the best. We emphasize the importance of qualification measures for professionals who work in maritime environments and that aim at accidents like this to happen, such as ISO 45001, which deals exactly with the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.