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  • What is a shipchandler?

    Learn what a shipchandler company is, how it works and why institutions in this field are so important to the shipping industry.

    Maybe you’ve already come across this concept in the maritime market, but you haven’t found much information on the internet about it. But after all, what is a shipchandler company? What does she do on the maritime market?

    Basically a shipchandler company is a supplier responsible for selling supplies for a ship. These supplies can be classified in two ways: ranch or material.

    The supplies considered as ranch are all those related to market purchases. In this way, products can be linked to the most varied foods, whether perishable or not, to the most basic cleaning materials, such as detergent, for example.

    Material supplies are related to more specific products in the navigation market, such as hand tools, spare parts, PPE, pipes, salvage, chemicals and even nautical flags and charts.

    A specific feature of this market is that supplies are usually ordered in large quantities, as the ships have a high demand for products due to the long route they travel, and the short time for the delivery of the order, since the cost of operations in the shipping market is usually high. It is necessary to think that the costs of a vessel moored in a port are high, so they tend to stay at anchor for a short time and this supply process needs to be fast, as they cannot wait. Often still, the supply is made when it is still in the anchorage zone, which are also known as berths or anchorages, being a pre-established and regulated place by the maritime industry where the vessel can drop the anchor.

    Vessels unload or load the goods quickly, and any delay can mean great damage to the owner of the cargo or even the ship itself.


    Ranch supplies are considered to be all products that can be sold in the supermarket, so to speak. So, when we refer to this category, we are talking about fresh foods (such as vegetables and fruits, for example), non-perishable products (such as rice, pasta, and others that make up the daily diet) as well as non-perishable cleaning products. specific to ships, such as detergents, soaps, personal hygiene items, etc.

    This is usually the daily demand of our partners who seek to supply these specific needs.

    The products of this form of supply are selected looking for quality and freshness, mainly for the hortifruti ones. It is important that the expiration date of these products is not too close, in order to maintain their properties.

    Most of the fresh foods that make up the ranch supplies come from local family farms, contributing to the region’s economy and making it possible to deliver products in excellent condition.

    After the purchase, according to the customer’s demand, the products are delivered to our base, where they go through a conference to ensure that what will be delivered corresponds to the desired specifications. Goods that need to be kept at a controlled temperature are placed in the refrigeration chamber, where they remain until delivery. This is done to keep the food as fresh as possible and, in the case of meats, to maintain the ideal temperature.


    We classify as materials the products used in the repair and maintenance of the ship. This includes different tools, COVID kits, disposable products (such as gloves and masks), flags, nautical charts, specific cleaning materials, replacement parts, batteries, stationery supplies, etc.

    Some supply parts are still manufactured on demand for supplies, produced according to customer demand — but this is for specific cases, where we cannot find the parts on the domestic market —. For this, it is important that the ship communicates the specifications to us and sends us a technical drawing sketch for that part. From there, our team works with the measurements and production of the definitive technical drawing and subsequent manufacture.

    When they are delivered to our base, this material is checked to understand if it really meets the customer’s specifications and then the supply is made.

    The conference stage in this case is extremely important, since each material has different specifications, and the items must be delivered according to the demand for which they were quoted.


    Let’s think about it this way: a person from another country doesn’t know the local market! They don’t know the best suppliers of fresh food, they don’t have contact with sellers of necessary materials and they can’t even speak the language of the region. This and other factors influence the negotiation to be done directly with Brazilian companies. In this way, the shipchandler is a bridge between the companies – which are suppliers of these products – and the ship – which needs these supplies -. Trust between those involved in these processes is essential.

    With that in mind, security passed by the company is essential in the process. Those responsible for the ship will be sure that everything that has been requested will be delivered with quality and as per your requests!

    Here at NavSupply, we are committed to customer satisfaction. The materials and ranch have guaranteed quality and are well checked to meet our partners’ demand. how to recover files from a usb drive

    And it is for this reason that the companies that provide these services are so important to keep the navigation market running. In several sectors, it is necessary to have a bridge between one side and the other, and in the maritime sector, the so-called ship supply is one of the essential parts to move the market.

    To understand more about how a shipchandler company works and also about the shipping market, just keep an eye out here on our blog!