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    • Ship chandler that you can trust

      you can

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    • Ship chandler that you can trust

      you can

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    Our headquarters are located in the beautiful Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil.

    We are a ship supplier for all needs. We hope to be the best and simplest alternative to the maritime industry in our country.

    Navsupply is the best supplier of ports and maritime areas. We do our best to provide our customers with the lowest possible cost.

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    The variety you like.
    Quality that surprises.


    Carefully selected ingredients to ensure the success of each meal.

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    Fresh produce

    It‘s all very fresh and coming straight from the farm.

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    Frozen goods

    Prime quality cuts of meat from 100% reliable suppliers.

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    Certified suppliers and original products.

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    Para provar que somos capazes

    To prove what we're capable of, one chance is enough.

    Atendimento Bilíngue

    Bilingual service always available to understand and solve the needs of national and international crew.

    Segmentos de alimentos

    Numerous options in the food segment, cleaning products, deck equipment and tools.

    Segmentos de alimentos

    Facilities with rigorously temperature controls, ensuring optimal climate control at all points.

    Rastreamento fácil

    Easy tracking of each delivery through several communication channels.

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    Commitment, seriousness and involvement from hiring to delivery.

    A strict inspection procedure is carried out every time we receive products at our base. By identifying any kind of problem, a fully trained team goes into action to solve it. In addition, regular audits are also performed on Navsupply suppliers, which ensures total control over the operation.

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    We exceeded expectations.
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      "Please note me and the crew we are completely satisfied with your recent delivery. Your approach to the business is much appreciated. I will seriously consider future cooperation with your good Company."

      Janusz Lewandowski

      "Our partnership is very good and you have the confidence of all our agents, they speak very well of Navsupply services."

      Orion Rodos