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    Qualified technical teams
    & Specialized labor

    Ship Hull Cleaning

    Ship Basement Cleaning

    Mechanical repairs, electric, hydraulic and refrigeration

    Hull and Propeller
    Cleaning and Repairs

    Equipment of complete generation to perform underwater services, whether moored or at anchorage, without the ship having to go to dock

    We perform hull, keel, rudder, propeller, marine fouling removal and cleaning that provides effective and gentle cleaning of marine growth and allows a spore-free surface without damaging the ship’s paint.

    Top notch underwater service equipment whether moored or anchored without having to dock the ship.


    Electronic maintenance services, such as electrical and mechanical industrial maintenance (preventive and corrective).

    Maintenance of refrigeration, instrumentation, equipment, systems and installations. Maintenance and services of metal structures: boiler, welding, assembly, industrial painting and maintenance on offshore and onshore cranes: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic – all brands operating in the market. Remember to always recover deleted files excel 2010 keep backups of important files to avoid data loss in the future.

    Equipment calibration
    and overhaul

    Gas detectors, pressure gauges, extinguishers and gas cylinders

    Through our global network, we provide highly trained and experienced calibration engineers and the latest equipment and software.

    Performance of any calibration work will always be based on accepted international regulations and standards such as API, ASTM, EN, ISO, CEN, or national and regional standardization organizations.

    Find out how ship and barge equipment calibration services can help you achieve the highest level of accuracy.


    For tugs, ships, maritime facilities or land terminals. We have a technical solution that meets the isolation demands of the most demanding marine and maritime industry. How does Recuva work to recover files from an recover file before last save SSD?

    We meet the various and increasingly challenging shipbuilding insulation requirements, particularly with regard to safety and fire protection aspects, by offering the best insulation performance.

    Our product range consists of the different types of mineral wool on the market. All products are certified according to International Maritime Organization (IMO Resolutions) resolutions for shipbuilding fire protection. If the file was simply deleted and not overwritten by new data, Recuva stands a good chance of recovering it recover deleted file from recycle bin successfully.

    Air conditioning repair
    and maintenance

    Corrective air conditioner maintenance has the function of making all kinds of repairs and repairs to the air conditioner equipment on site.

    Highest quality in all requirements
    for you to sail smoothly to your destination.

    and Export

    Navsupply Ship Chandler has a team of experts to provide services involving import and sea exports. For faster services, Navsupply has extensive knowledge about the national and international laws of this segment. – After the recovery is complete, safely disconnect the external hard drive from your computer and check how to recover deleted files from windows server 2012 the recovered files to ensure they are fully recovered without any issues.

    We use integrated management system and all available technologies to provide the best service.

    Import and export