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  • Portocel is awarded at the largest entrepreneurship hub in Latin America.

    The Portocel port terminal has been awarded this month as the best case in the port sector of the last year at HUB Cubo Itaú, considered the largest entrepreneurship hub in Latin America. The award is the result of the work presented on the implementation of the Dynamic Draft, an innovative initiative in the port sector that showcases the application of cutting-edge technologies in port operations.

    Portocel is the first Brazilian port authorized to implement this dynamic draft system, which has been in use for over a year. The system allows real-time and precise calculation of the maximum draft and/or the next safe navigation window, utilizing the characteristics of each ship and the access channel, as well as taking into account the meteoceanographic conditions at the time of the maneuver, such as waves, winds, and tides.

    The innovative nature of this initiative for the entire port sector is the key differentiator that demonstrates the competitiveness of Portocel. The port administration is connected to new digital intelligence technologies to identify solutions that can overcome current and future challenges, aiming to increase productivity, optimize infrastructure use, reduce operational risks, ensure navigation safety, and promote sustainability.

    The results of the Dynamic Draft have been a success, allowing for better utilization of each ship’s capacity, reducing waiting time for maneuvers, and providing increased safety for port operations. The technology serves the navigation at Portocel, making it an example of innovation and efficiency in the Latin American port sector.

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