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  • Foods that cannot be missing from the menu of 10 nationalities

    Amid the vast oceans of the world, ship crews of different nationalities embark on long, exhausting journeys, facing challenges and exploring new horizons. Aboard these vessels, a myriad of cultures intertwined, bringing with them a wealth of unique and flavorful culinary traditions.

    From the lush rice paddies of the Philippines to the picturesque agricultural landscapes of Holland, passing through the fascinating gastronomy of China and the ancient flavors of Greece, the food on board reflects the cultural diversity that permeates the sea.

    In this article, we’ll sail the seas and delve into the menus that cater to ship crews of different nationalities. Discover the must-have foods that nourish and unite these brave sailors on their journeys around the globe.

    From traditional foods to modern fast foods, discover in this article the culinary variety that brings comfort and pleases the hearts and palates of sailors of all origins.

    Greece: Olive oil

    In Greece, olive oil is one of the fundamental pillars of the country’s cuisine and food culture. With its millennia-old history of olive oil production, Greece is one of the largest producers in the world, and quality olive oil is an essential part of the Greeks’ daily diet.

    Philippines: Rice

    Philippines are completely passionate about rice and the consumption of this food is very high in the country. It is very common to see Filipinos eating a HUGE amount of rice even for breakfast, which seems unthinkable for us Brazilians. In addition to being a major consumer, the Philippines is also a major producer of rice.

    Switzerland: Cheese

    Cheese is a traditionally important food in Swiss cuisine and is part of several typical Swiss recipes, such as fondue and raclette. In addition, Switzerland is known for producing a wide variety of high-quality cheeses, many of which have a protected designation of origin. Cheese consumption in Switzerland is so significant that the country has one of the highest per capita consumption of cheese in the world.

    Belgium: Chocolate

    Chocolate is a highly appreciated and consumed delicacy in Belgium. The country is famous for consuming and producing some of the finest varieties of chocolate in the world and it is often given as gifts, especially on special occasions such as birthdays, parties and holidays.

    China: Noodles

    It is the most popular “fast food” meal among the Chinese population. Everywhere, including on trains, disposable packaging is sold, to which you just need to add hot water. One of the good things about the country is that there is always hot water everywhere… and “noodles”!

    United States: Potato

    Potatoes are a constant presence on the American table, and their versatility allows them to be enjoyed in different ways and in various meals throughout the day. Whether as a simple side dish or a main ingredient, potatoes are an essential part of cooking in the United States.

    Denmark: Fish

    In Denmark, fish is an essential part of the cuisine and one of the most cherished foods for the Danish people. Due to its coastal location and seafood-rich waters, fish is widely used in a variety of traditional dishes. Some of the most common fish species in Danish cuisine include herring, salmon, cod, trout, haddock (halibut), swordfish and many others.

    Canada: Maple Syrup

    Maple syrup is one of Canada’s most iconic and prized products. It is a sweet, thick liquid produced from the sap of maple trees, especially the genus Acer saccharum, also known as sweet sugar or sugar maple. Maple syrup is a naturally sweet and delicious delicacy enjoyed not only in Canada but around the world.

    Norway: Seafood

    Seafood is widely used in Norwegian cuisine, and can be found in various preparations, such as salads, soups, stews, grilled, smoked and cured. These fresh, flavorful ingredients are an essential part of the country’s rich culinary tradition, and Norwegians enjoy their seafood on all occasions, from everyday meals to special celebrations.

    Holland: Bread

    Bread is valued in Dutch culture and is an important part of everyday life for the Dutch. Bakeries are common throughout the country, offering a wide variety of fresh and delicious breads to suit consumers’ tastes and preferences.

    The cuisine on board ships is a true reflection of the rich cultural diversity that permeates the world’s seas. By joining crews of different nationalities, these meals become true celebrations of the variety of flavors and unique culinary traditions that each country offers.

    From Greek olive oil to Canadian maple syrup, each food item brings a story and a special meaning, providing comfort and satisfaction to the hearts and palates of sailors and to unite all of this with quality and commitment to the food delivered, only Navsupply can provide that experience.