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  • Cruise Season: Rio de Janeiro Port will welcome 37 ships in 2023/2024.

    The 2023/2024 cruise season at the Port of Rio de Janeiro is set to commence on October 27 and is scheduled to conclude on May 4, 2024. During this period, the port will receive a total of 37 ships, with 28 originating from foreign countries and nine being domestic. Notably, four of these ships will make their debut in the city. Throughout the season, there are plans for 70 domestic stops and 51 international ones.

    PortosRio, the entity responsible for port management, in collaboration with Pier Mauá, the company leasing the International Cruise Terminal, is dedicated to providing travelers with a safe and convenient environment.

    To ensure that cruise ships can easily access and dock, PortosRio has implemented various measures. These include bathymetric surveys to verify water depth, maintenance of fenders and bollards, as well as the modernization of nautical signaling systems. Some of these improvements involve replacing buoys with more advanced models. All of these actions have been taken with the aim of enhancing navigability and ensuring the safety of vessels.

    Pier Mauá is upgrading the terminal’s infrastructure by installing covers in various areas and implementing an air conditioning system. Before boarding the ships, all passengers and crew members undergo rigorous inspections, including hand luggage checks, the use of metal detectors, and, when necessary, personal searches. Each warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including scanners, X-ray systems, and surveillance cameras, and is staffed by highly trained security teams to ensure the safety of everyone.

    In the previous season (2022/2023), there were 410,063 passengers on 35 ships that made 117 stops. Cruises had a significant impact on the city and its surrounding areas’ economy, contributing an estimated value of R$ 996.2 million, in addition to the jobs generated.