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  • 5 Advantages of hiring a quality chandler

    The provision of marine supplies is a key activity in ensuring that ships and vessels have everything they need to operate efficiently and safely during their journeys at sea.

    This type of service is generally provided by companies known as “shipchandlers”, which can offer supply services ranging from food supplies, nautical supplies, maintenance and repair services and waste management.

    The service most requested by crews is the provision of ranch with food and drinks occupying practically the entire price list of orders. This category of supply requires special care as it deals directly with the food and nutritional health of a ship’s crew for weeks.

    Hiring a quality ranch supply can offer several advantages to companies, ships and operations that rely on food supplies for their crews or catering operations. That’s why we’ve listed 5 advantages of this type of service:

    1. Variety of Options:

    Having access to a wide range of food products allows for accommodating different preferences, diets, and dietary restrictions of crew members and passengers. This is especially important on ships where a diversity of palates and dietary needs is common.

    With a variety of options, you can create diverse and engaging menus to maintain the interest and satisfaction of the crew during long-duration voyages, helping to avoid food monotony.

    2. Risk Reduction and Food Safety:

    A quality shipchandler not only provides high-quality food but also plays a crucial role in reducing risks related to food safety, safeguarding the health of consumers, and saving long-term resources.

    A company that adheres to rigorous food safety practices, such as proper storage, safe food handling, and the selection of fresh products, helps prevent foodborne illnesses associated with contaminated or mishandled food.

    3. Consistency:

    Consistency in food quality is paramount for customer satisfaction. When customers know they can expect the same exceptional quality with each delivery, they become more satisfied and loyal to your company or institution.

    Due to cost predictability, you won’t have to deal with extra expenses caused by variations in quality that could lead to wastage or unsatisfactory meals.

    4. Stress Reduction:

    Managing food procurement can be a time-consuming task involving product research, price comparisons, order placement, and logistical issues.

    By relying on a trustworthy shipchandler, you save valuable time, as most of this work is taken care of by the supplier, allowing the crew to focus on other tasks or activities while still receiving their orders with the utmost efficiency and quality.

    5. Enhanced Quality Control:

    When choosing a reliable supplier, you have the ability to carefully assess the supplier’s practices and track record. This includes verifying if they have a solid history of providing high-quality food and if they comply with food safety regulations.

    You have the opportunity to customize, control, and maintain stringent quality standards, ensuring that the food meets your expectations and the needs of your organization. This is crucial for obtaining high-quality and safe food.


    NavSupply stands out as the ideal supplier to meet the needs of the crew, offering all the qualities and advantages mentioned above.

    With a wide variety of food options that cater to diverse preferences and dietary restrictions, NavSupply ensures that crews have access to varied and nutritious menus, avoiding food monotony during long sea voyages.

    Furthermore, the company prioritizes rigorous food safety practices, guaranteeing high-quality and safe food through careful storage and handling of products.

    Consistency in food quality is a hallmark of NavSupply, resulting in satisfied and loyal crews, as well as cost predictability. Organizations also save valuable time, as NavSupply takes on most of the responsibilities related to food procurement, allowing the crew to focus on their core activities with the assurance of receiving supplies efficiently and with top-notch quality.

    The ability to customize and maintain strict quality standards makes NavSupply a reliable choice for ensuring high-quality and safe food on board ships and vessels worldwide.

    Therefore, investing in NavSupply’s provision of provisions not only enhances the crew’s experience but also contributes to the efficiency and safety of maritime operations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and safe food on board.