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  • Itajaí Port Complex moves 8.3 million tons in the first semester

    The Itajai Port Complex hit the incredible mark of 8,335,984 tons when it comes to container cargo handled, and this only in the first half of 2022.

    According to data, this movement represents 729,399 TEUs (unit of measurement equivalent to a 20-foot container), adding up to 478 calls throughout the period.

    “In this first semester, the Port of Itajai presented expressive numbers in its movements. For the coming months, we will probably achieve even more favorable and significant numbers. The Port of Itajai demonstrates on a daily basis that municipal management is efficient and promotes growth in all port sectors. This demonstrates the strength for the economy of the municipality, for the State and Union”, emphasizes Fábio da Veiga, superintendent of the Port of Itajai.

    As for the second half of 2022, expectations are high, even if the answer to these numbers is that the Federal Government will renew the agreement made between the City and the Superintendence of the Port of Itajai. The result of this movement can contribute to the continuity of the related operational growth throughout the Complex.


    Crédito: Porto de Itajaí

    “The positive numbers that the port activities of Itajaí and Navegantes have been demonstrating every month are the result of a great competence carried out as a team, where all the collaborators aim at the growth of the local economy, as well as the development of the Itajaí Terminal and Complex itself. Despite the current moment, which involves the end of the delegation contract to the Municipality, and all the current situation by the maintenance of the Municipal Public Port Authority with MINFRA, the cargo movement in the Port of Itajai remains in evidence. In this sense, I thank for all the determination and competence of port employees, through the continuous operational growth recorded throughout this semester, and together we will continue fighting for the permanence of the Port Authority that has already demonstrated success over these 25 years of public and municipal management, “he says.

    When analyzing the relation referring to the month of June, the Itajai Port Complex reached a movement of 1,307,391 tons of cargo in 73 scales.

    With the improvement of the waterway access conditions, due to the new evolution basin, it will be possible to receive larger ships, remaining competitive in the maritime market, and the objectives do not stop there. The Port of Itajai aims to continue innovating and this will contribute to increase the demand in the movement of foreign trade cargoes and the transportation of cargo through the maritime portal.

    “The new evolution basin of the Itajaí Port Complex, responsible for restoring competitiveness and rescuing the economic development of the region, reached 27 maneuvered ships in the month of June, totaling 938 maneuvers by the end of the month (June). The new evolution basin is located in the area called Afonso Wippel Bay, and allowed the maximum length of ships that dock at the Port Complex to jump from 306 meters to 350 meters, the first turnaround at the site occurred in January 2020, and, as soon as it reaches the mark of 1000 maneuvers successfully completed” they reinforce.

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